Friday, November 14, 2008

My first Open src project ... the iPhoneSMS

I had an Moto Rokr E6 mobile. The main reason why I bought it was because it was running a Linux kernel inside. I was amazed by the fact that I could telnet in to my phone...truly a mini computer in my hand. Hats off to the guys who ported the Linux kernel to fit in to this...The phone though performed well, has a major drawback - the sms screen. It was one of the worst design I have ever come across. It was too small and I couldnt type properly. I stopped sending sms after getting this phone. But having 100's of sms free daily, couldn't resist the temptation of sending sms.

I started looking around for viable alternatives..I couldn't find any.. Many Motorola fans were complaining about it. It occurred to me why not take some existing app, redesign it and give it to the community. Thus started my open source initiative..After a week, I was having a workable solution. I tried to give it the iPhones interface. If I can copy the interface , why not name it also like that. So I named my app the iPhoneSms. Its purely written in J2ME and I have copied most of the src. I was happy to see the end result. It was also well received by the community. You can find the original post and software at the following link..

After working on it for some time I lost interest on it. I never expected it would be used by so many peoples.

When I get little time, planning to add some more features to it. but not sure when...we guys are lazyyy...

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